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pretend that you are me and write me an ‘about me’ so i can satisfy my ego and be amused by the person you think i am

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Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield. Barnes is the only howling commando to give his life in service of this country.

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october will soon be octover 

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Anonymous asked:
it sounds so fucking arrogant when you call yourself pretty like that lmao




But I am pretty look at me im so pretty it’s not arrogance when it’s literally just a fact im so pretty



I like this.

If a man tells you you’re pretty, it’s supposed to be this amazing gift you cherish forever.

If you tell a man you’re pretty, you’re a horrible, shallow, awful person and it isn’t true.





let’s be honest here, who would ‘t cheat in chemistry

next level cheating.

this is some naruto shit

It’s like that episode of soul eater

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Everything about this post is perfect. Because growing up is for losers. 

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when people start getting close to your friends



The comebacks are real.

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Ramin Vlog #2 w/ Chris McCarrell (Marius)

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evolution of bucky barnes.





It’s the way she casually picks up her heels after beating the shit out of everyone in the room.

I can never not reblog this scene. It’s my favourite thing.

And how Whedon didn’t need to erase her femininity to have her being kick-ass.

I like how you put a positive spin on the inherent mysogyny of a woman having to be in cocktail wear for her first fight scene of the movie.

Ok no sorry, please, I really don’t like getting involved on tumblr posts but this really annoyed me. OK vivelafat, I understand what you’re saying but this was really not sexist. Ok yes this was not the best way to introduce Black Widow but at the same time, they showed that Natasha Romanov could completely own any sexist misogynistic bull crap that the guy holding her hostage could throw at her. This scene was important because it would have been so easy for whedon and any other producer to show Romanov as a typically masculine character. This scene, was perhaps yes, designed to show off Romanov’s body and femininity, what makes you think that there is anything wrong with that?

Also, lovely tumblr peer, has it escaped your notice that she was UNDERCOVER. DID YOU WATCH THIS SCENE, THE MAN INTERROGATING HER WAS IN FORMAL MILITARY DRESS, AND HIS SIDEKICK WAS WEARING A TUX. Natasha Romanov is a bad ass spy who just came from a high profile cocktail party, and what, you expected her to be wearing sweatpants and a hoodie? This scene shows that Natasha Romanov is aware that she can be seen as weak and PLAYS OFF THAT TO HER ADVANTAGE. Not only that but it also shows that she could own your ass any day, even in black high heels and a tight dress. The moves that she did in this sequence would be extremely difficult to pull of in t shirt and sweat pants, and this scene shows her doing it in a LBD. This scene does show off Scarlet Johannsons figure, but at the same time it shows that Black Widow could take down any weak-ass mob bosses who think she’s weak, no matter what she’s wearing.

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History meme: 4/10 Moments

  • The Newsboys Strike of 1899

In July 1899, a large number of New York City newsboys refused to distribute the papers of Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the World, and William Randolph Hearst, publisher of the Journal. The strikers demonstrated across the Brooklyn Bridge for several days, effectively bringing traffic to a standstill, along with the news distribution for most New England cities. Several rallies drew more than 5,000 newsboys, complete with charismatic speeches by strike leader Kid Blink.

So named because he was blind in one eye, Kid Blink (Louis Ballatt) was a popular subject among competing newspapers such as the New York Tribune, who often patronizingly quoted Blink with his heavy Brooklyn accent depicted as an eye dialect, attributing to him such sayings as “Me men is nobul.” Blink and his strikers were the subject of violence, as well. Hearst and Pulitzer hired men to break up rallies and protect the newspaper deliveries still underway. During one rally Blink told strikers, “Friens and feller workers. This is a time which tries de hearts of men. Dis is de time when we’se got to stick together like glue…. We know wot we wants and we’ll git it even if we is blind.” Although the World and the Journal did not lower their 60¢-a-bundle price, they did agree to buy back all unsold papers, and the union disbanded.

The Newsboys Strike of 1899 has been credited with inspiring later strikes, including the Butte, Montana Newsboys Strike of 1914, and a 1920s strike in Louisville, Kentucky.

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