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When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

(Source: oxnam)

Jack: Hannibal, are you eating a human being?? are you a cannibal????

Hannibal: No, Jack *sticks a human finger between his teeth* it's a metaphor




wine tastes so bad. I’m convinced the whole world is in on an inside joke together trying to persuade me that wine tastes good to them. there’s no way any one can like the taste of it. it’s like bug spray. the whole frickin world pretends to like bug spray. I don’t understand why. stop the madness

wine is an acquired taste. if you don’t like it, acquire some taste


Stoppppp putting people down for liking harmless things just because you don’t like them!!!!


I really hate long-ass ‘previously on…’ bits in front of episodes

I fucking know what happened previously ok

I just marathonned two seasons in a day trust me I know